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The Okanagan Folk School Has a Home!

OUR SPACE School House
School House

The Okanagan Folk School Has a Home! It is in the Historic Peachland Schoolhouse on Beach Ave. in Peachland. What makes it even more exciting is that we are sharing it with two other Peachland Societies.

Late in 2023 the District of Peachland decided to move the Tourism Information Centre from the historic schoolhouse to the Peachland Museum at the south end of town. This left the historic schoolhouse half empty.

A new society was formed January 15, 2024, to represent the three groups and manage the building. It is called Our Peachland School for Arts, Culture & Ecology Society which we fondly call “Our Space”. The three societies are the Peachland Community Arts Council (PCAC); Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society (BEEPS); Okanagan Folk School Society (OKFS).

I would also like to thank Mayor Patrick Van Minsel, the Peachland Council and Cory Labrecque for this idea and supporting the development of this project.

Back in the day the schoolhouse was the centre of the community in rural towns. It was where the kids learned, when someone passed away there were memorials, there were weddings, political rallies, fall suppers, society meetings, dances and concerts and art. Food, fun and laughter cemented together with a few tears.

We see Our Space as a back to the future kind of thing. It will be the communities’ cultural centre where all the things I mentioned will be taking place. The Arts Council will continue their amazing art displays and events, BEEPS will be able to expand their programs and the Okanagan Folk School will be able to host more craft workshops and provide artisans with more opportunities.

You will be able to meet friends at our drop in coffee shop, browse the artisans gift shop and see what’s going on.

It is your Historic Peachland Schoolhouse. Come visit us and bring your ideas. Let’s keep building our community together!

Murray Wood – President



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