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Nikki Bose
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Nikki has been working with fibre arts for over 15 years. Her Grandmother taught her to knit when she was in university, and this opened up a wonderful world of creativity. Knitting quickly led to other fibre crafts including embroidery. Nikki is drawn to fibre arts as they allow you to explore individualism and self expression while creating soft and protective clothing. For her, this mix of artistic expression and practical application has been key to living the "both”, and you do not have to sacrifice one for the other but join the two and see what third thing is created.

Join Nikki Bose, a trained Jungian Life coach, for this creative embroidery workshop. In this class participants will be lead through a visualization (like a meditation) to gain a message from your unconscious mind. You will be shown how to create an embroidered patch to bring this symbol or message to life. There will be opportunities to share and discuss what came up for you in the visualization. Basic embroidery or sewing skills would be helpful but are not necessary. Often, we are given symbols in dreams or throughout the day that we may not understand. Yet somehow, we know there is meaning to them. Creating a personalized patch can help you keep the symbol with you and remind you to work with it and tease apart its message. This project is based off of the work of Christi Johnson, you can find more about her work here, I will bring her book to the workshop for people to get inspiration from. “Clothing acts as a barrier between us and the world, able to protect as well as express our physical beings, and can be used to protect or express our energetic bodies as well. By infusing a garment with a purpose (in this case by embedding a patch of intentional artwork into it) you're able to declare your ambitions out into the world loud and clear”. - Christi Johnson

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